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READY TO DRINK Alcoholic beverages made convenient. Other than ‘on pack’ information, some nutrition information was sourced from manufacturers or retailer’s websites and 21 products were sent for independent analysis to determine sugar content. These ready-to-drink (RTDs) are also known as alcopops. To visit buzzballz.com you must be of legal drinking age in the country you live in. https://www.coca-cola.co.uk/drinks/coca-cola/coca-cola. Joint media release with The Hon Nicola Roxon MP Minister for Health and Ageing. Transcripts. ", Tanya Haffner MD RD, Nutrilicious said: "The alcohol industry and government need to wise up on social responsibility for the good of consumers and their near future pockets! This is followed by Classic Combinations Rhubarb Gin and Ginger Ale with over five teaspoons of sugar (20.8g) in a 250ml can. Take the fuss out of making cocktails so you can just relax and savor your favorite drink. distillery known for ready-to-drink alcoholic beverages Aleksandra Sagan The Canadian Press Published Tuesday, January 28, 2020 1:40AM EST Products similar to spiked kids’ drinks have been on the market for many years. Convenience. Whether to relax and unwind or gather with friends, Ready-to-Drink (RTD) Alcohol beverages are all the rage. My name is Sarah Amjad, and I am a graduate student at the Schulich School of Business in Toronto, Canada. Wines, cocktails, and even spirits can now be easily found as RTD products. Ready-to-drinks (RTDs) are composed of an alcoholic component and a soft-drink base and are primarily consumed by a youth market. Hard seltzers to wine and spirit-based cocktails – the options for RTD are endless and experiencing immense growth. Drinks were analysed at Kent Scientific Services, 8 Abbey Wood Road, Kings Hill, Kent, ME19 4YT. distillery known for ready-to-drink alcoholic beverages. This site uses cookies. Ready to drink (often known as RTD) packaged beverages are those sold in a prepared form, ready for consumption. Blankets and fireplaces are great but, around here, we prefer to bring the heat with…, That aunt who makes the bomb cocktails wants some cool tools, accessories and, well, cocktails!…, There’s nothing like curling up on the couch with a hot cup of tea. 48 products were collected online from Asda, Tesco, Morrisons, Waitrose & Partners and Iceland websites. It’s ludicrous that drinks such as lemonade are subject to the sugar tax yet a vodka and lemonade is exempt. Note. Urgent attention is required from the government to ensure that gaps in the law do not contribute to the rise in obesity and related health conditions, as well as alcohol harm.”, Katharine Jenner, Campaign Director at Action on Sugar, based at Queen Mary University of London, says: “‘Gin in a tin’ has become a cultural phenomenon with these types of drinks often consumed ‘on the go’ and without a moment’s consideration to how much sugar and alcohol goes into making them. Yet again the sugar content in similar drinks varies considerably – proving reformulation can be achieved. A regular bottle of grey-goose vodka has 96 calories while a skinny vodka drink has less calories. On the other hand, high-strength premixes are the pre-mixed beverages with alcohol. These products aren’t required to have a nutrition label on them and we can see very few companies have chosen to provide this information. Ready-to-drink category on trend. Skinny cocktails are infamous for being low-calorie alcoholic drinks. Even if you did want to know, you can’t make a healthy choice as only one in ten of the products surveyed had enough information available. Eric Bieber, a Brooklyn … Specifically, cans, boxes and Tetra Paks are steadily growing as popular vessels for ready-to-drink adult beverages. For example, containing a 27g of sugar in a 250ml can – the same sugar content as Coke, possible to make this type of drink with much less sugar. Yet the evidence is crystal clear……this can only contribute to tooth decay, diabetes and obesity. Order online for curbside pickup, in … Labatt acquires B.C. Importantly, the ready-to-drink trend has broadened the scope for how alcoholic beverages have traditionally been contained. The category delivers on convenience, with the highest percentage of participants turning to RTDs over other alcohol types because they don’t require preparation. Yet again the sugar content in similar drinks varies considerably – proving reformulation can be achieved. Standard drinks are a way to keep track of how much alcohol you're really drinking. For more information contact: David Clarke @ Rock PR: Action on Sugar is a group of specialists concerned with sugar and its effects on health. There are different types of RTD beverages, each serving a different purpose. Let's face it: ready-to-drink cocktails have a bad reputation for being fruit-flavored sugar bombs. Action on Sugar surveyed a total of 202[4] ‘ready to drink’ alcoholic beverages sold in-store and online. It's a fact. The authors explored whether liking and experience with an … [5] Action on Sugar staff visited retailers in order to ascertain which products had nutrition information on pack at point of choice. Many drinks in this category were exceedingly high in sugar. Ready to drink alcoholic beverages have also marked a significant rise in market popularity. Action on Sugar is now urging the government to prove it really is committed to prevention and reducing inequalities, by stepping in and taking control of not only the food and drink industries, but also the alcohol industry. The top players manufacturing alcoholic ready-to-drink beverages along with other drinks are Bacardi Limited, Anheuser Bursch InBev, Suntory Spirits Ltd, and others. About us Take Buzzballz to the beach, camping, pool, tailgating, picnics and just about anywhere else. That I might drink, and leave the world unseen, And with thee fade away into the forest dim: . The term alcopop (a portmanteau of the words alcohol and pop) is used commonly in the United Kingdom to describe these drinks. In comparison, Tanqueray Sevilla Gin and Tonic has a third less sugar at 18g, proving once again that it is possible to make this type of drink with much less sugar. Now is the time for tough government led action to protect this human right. [3] UK Government Soft Drinks Industry Levy: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/check-if-your-drink-is-liable-for-the-soft-drinks-industry-levy, [4] We collected product information for 202 ‘ready to drink’ alcoholic drinks in week commencing 26th August and w/c 2nd September 2019. Explore our wide selection of canned cocktails today. a RTD alcoholic beverage within the past year. However, we’re seeing an emergence of pre-mixed cans featuring both premium quality spirits and mixers. The mixed drinks category grew by 5 per cent across the globe in 2018, driven by growth in ready-to-drink (RTD) cans in the USA and Japan. The results from the Public Analysts are available on request. "RTD (ready-to-drink) alcoholic beverages make up a small share of alcohol sales. Increased consumer awareness and their increasing interest in a healthy lifestyle have led to increased demand for healthy ready to drink products. For example, a 250ml can of Breezer Lemon and Elderflower Flavoured Alcoholic Drink has over five teaspoons of sugar (20.8g), compared to Balans Lime Aqua Spritz at 0.5g sugar per 250ml can. Two Chicks Cocktails are canned, ready-to-drink cocktails. The survey incorporated a total of 202 ‘ready to drink’ alcoholic beverages sold in-store and online. Where nutrition information per can/bottle is not available we have calculated using the 100ml data and the pack size. Write to your MP today and have your say: 63 products (41%) in-store had some form of nutrition information on pack, Only 14 products (9%) had ‘sugar’ information on pack. Experience the tantalizing flavors of grapefruit paired with tangy citrus. These ready-to-drink (RTDs) are also known as alcopops. 154 products were collected in store via the ‘FoodSwitch’ app from the following retailers-Aldi, Asda, The Co-operative, Lidl, Marks & Spencer, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Waitrose & Partners and B&M. Sadly alcohol producers have proven time and time again they won’t do this voluntarily. Key Findings. . Bravazzi Hard Italian Soda Clementina. Here are the most notable ones. The first 100 entrants get Buzzballz gear and everyone can win up to 20,000 Buzzies! If you want to relish a delicious, spiked lemonade or a Bloody Mary, there's no need to go through the thousands of recipes on the internet and get all the ingredients. Alcoholic Ready-to-drink (RTDs) beverages are primarily spirit-based, malt-based or wine-based alcoholic drinks. That same Mintel report highlighted a growing interest in hard soda with a quarter of Canadians interested in consuming such a product. With 100% juice and premium ingredients, our cocktails are the life of the party and perfect way to turn up with your best friends. [6] One can of Red Bull contains 27.5g of sugar: https://groceries.morrisons.com/webshop/product/Red-Bull-Energy-Drink/212476011?from=search¶m=redbull, [7] Sainsbury’s Raspberry Ripple ring doughnut contains 13.3g sugar per doughnut:  https://www.sainsburys.co.uk/shop/gb/groceries/sainsburys-raspberry-ripple-stripe-doughnut-x4, [8] A custard cream biscuit has 3.3g of sugar per biscuit: https://www.sainsburys.co.uk/shop/gb/groceries/biscuit-barrel/sainsburys-custard-creams-200g, [9] A 330ml can of Coca Cola contains 35g/330ml and 10.6g/100ml of sugar. The public want and need this information and have a right to be provided with it.”. If ethics, legislation and social responsibility cant bring change, perhaps the threat of law suits from those affected will, as it rightly did to the tobacco industry.". Goodridge & Williams makes the Nutrl vodka and vodka soda drinks, along with several other spirits and mixed drinks The category delivers on convenience, with the highest percentage of participants turning to RTDs over other alcohol types because they don’t require preparation. Labatt acquires B.C. But the ready-to-drink realm isn’t just for cocktails. Alternative Alcohol Bases Consumer aversion to wheat, barley and gluten has motivated producers to look for alternative alcohol sources, and in some cases, move away from malt entirely. At the moment it’s impossible to make an informed choice. Increased tax on 'ready to drink' alcoholic beverages The Hon Wayne Swan MP. Alison Douglas, chief executive of Alcohol Focus Scotland said, “This research provides another example of the alcohol industry choosing to withhold basic information from consumers. A gin and tonic with diet/light/or low sugar mixers were all 0g sugar per serve, except for, https://www.portmangroup.org.uk/marketing-toolkit/, https://www.gov.uk/guidance/check-if-your-drink-is-liable-for-the-soft-drinks-industry-levy, https://groceries.morrisons.com/webshop/product/Red-Bull-Energy-Drink/212476011?from=search¶m=redbull, https://www.sainsburys.co.uk/shop/gb/groceries/sainsburys-raspberry-ripple-stripe-doughnut-x4, https://www.sainsburys.co.uk/shop/gb/groceries/biscuit-barrel/sainsburys-custard-creams-200g, https://www.coca-cola.co.uk/drinks/coca-cola/coca-cola, Popular ‘ready to drink’ pre-mixed spirits and cocktails sold in supermarkets are extremely high in hidden sugar and calories, warns NEW survey (the first of its kind), Excess alcohol consumption is generally known to be harmful – but certain beverages also contain an outrageous 9 teaspoons of sugar in just 250ml – a double whammy for our health and the NHS, Nine out of 10 pre-mixed spirits don’t have on-pack sugar information, so consumers are unaware of the very large amounts they are drinking, Experts unite to criticise previous governments for blatantly ignoring alcoholic drinks in any of the current obesity strategies, and allowing the alcohol industry to police itself, The Soft Drinks Industry Levy was successful in reducing sugar in drinks like lemonade yet a vodka and lemonade is exempt, which is absurd says critics, Nearly 50% (47.4%) of respondents are NOT aware how much sugar is in alcoholic drinks, A whopping 76.4% of people think alcoholic drinks SHOULD have nutrition information displayed on the bottle / can, 38.5% of respondents are SOMEWHAT CONCERNED about the level of sugar in alcoholic drinks, 75% of the public SUPPORT THE CALL for the alcohol industry to reduce sugar in their beverages. Of course, all sorts of beers have already been distributed in convenient cans, but these days there’s an abundance of other types of alcoholic drinks in this kind of container. The sweetest gin and mixer was Classic Combinations Pink Gin and Tonic, containing a 27g of sugar in a 250ml can – the same sugar content as Coke[9]. In 2019, sales of malt-based cocktails … [2] Alcohol contains seven calories per gram, sugar contains four calories per gram-both contribute to calorie content and reformulation can be achieved by reducing either sugar or alcohol or both. The Coca-Cola Co., Atlanta, reported strong third-quarter and year-to-date 2012 results, with solid volume and revenue growth and continued volume and value share gains in total non-alcohol ready-to-drink (NARTD) beverages, as well as across nearly every beverage category in which the company competes. ABV: 4.2% Bravazzi touts its line of canned hard beverages … "RTD (ready-to-drink) alcoholic beverages make up a small share of alcohol sales. Table 4 showing the 3 highest and 3 lowest in sugar beverages per pack, Classic Combinations Rhubarb Gin and Ginger Ale*. The Rise of Ready-to-Drink Cocktails. “Customers should be able to purchase better options and reformulating these drinks with less sugar, calories and alcohol is one way to achieve this. “Alcohol Focus Scotland welcomes the Scottish Government’s statement that they will consider mandatory action if industry don’t act. Beer makers are embracing other alcoholic products, especially those in the rising ready-to-drink category, to combat sluggish beer performance.

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