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Reverend Double Agent OG Left-Handed. 3 available from $1,333.24. 70 Tele Deluxe SFG. Reverend Charger 290 Oceanside Green. 1 … Buy My Gear. 3 . Hmm, we don't have any listings for this product right now. This innovative claw gives you the option of 3 springs in the middle for a firm tremolo feel, or 2 springs on the outside for a softer feel. € 829. TC Electronic Plethora X5 TonePrint Multi-FX Pedalboard, Gretsch G5655TG Electromatic In Orange Stain, TRUSS ROD: Dual Action – Headstock Access, CONTROLS: Volume, Tone, Bass Contour, 3-way, Select the competitions you want to take part in, Choose the number of entries you would like. Follow this Product. € 1.488. The specs say "Try me!" Reverend. You can also see this in your account under the relevant competition you have entered. Reverend Double Agent OG Metallic Silver Freeze. This Double Agent OG is a spectacular guitar, and I never expected to like it as much as I do. We love a Reverend here at Guitar Gear Giveaway! Reverend Volcano Electric Guitar. The guitars feature a Boneite nut and Reverend's Bass Contour Control while the basses are stocked with Hipshot Ultralight Tuners and 5-piece maple and walnut neck – all for maximum performance. No longer available at zZounds. € 625. Electric Guitars. The HA5 bridge humbucker set into the Korina body gives you plenty of punch and drive. 57. Reverend Double Agent III Black. Millenium GS-2001 E. € 7,90. … 9. Reverend Double Agent. When you combine both of these pickups you’ve got a unique depth-meets-twang tone unlike anything else! Fretboard: Pau ferro. Entering the competition or successfully answering the question does not guarantee a prize. € 858. Then this is your guitar. Compare 10 from $780. But alas, here I am, completely swayed by the ways of our Reverend. Reverend Double Agent OG VG. So much so that after we got our 3rd one in for a competition Sam couldn't handle it anymore… Apple is not involved in any way with our competitions, contests or sweepstakes. Joel Bauman plays our newest Reverend Guitar, the Double Agent III. 17. Now, hardtail fans can switch seamlessly from powerful to cool. € 398. Bolt-on neck: Roasted maple. Buy My Gear. Fender Player Series Tele HH PF SLV. The sound it provides is breathtaking. reverend double agent wilkinson electric guitar - midnight black - mn Reverend pickups are also specifically designed for each position, for balanced volume and tone when switching. Reverend Double Agent OG Trans Black. Constructed with a resonant korina body and a roasted maple neck, this Double Agent W offers a host of awesome tones from a humbucker and P90 pickup combo. Servido com amor! Watch Joel demonstrate the great features such as the newly added \"Bass Contour Control\". Reverend Double Agent W IP. Reverend Double Agent W IP. Reverend Sensei HB. Though Double Agent W may have a cryptic one-letter name, it provides a remarkably inviting playing experience thanks to a host of player-friendly appointments and a stellar combination of pickups. So much so that after we got our 3rd one in for a competition Sam couldn’t handle it anymore and went and ordered his own! Solid Body. Quick View. Previously, I'd been looking at the Sensai (in many of its iterations) but I … Won by Lauren Crompton with ticket number #112, Won by Nigel Hooper with ticket number #373, Won by David Birnie with ticket number #384, 3 Prizes | 1st Reverend Double Agent | 2nd – £10 Website Credit | 3rd – £10 Website Credit. Reverend Guitars and Basses are made with Korina bodies, loaded with Reverend's custom pickups. Reverend Double Agent OG Anniversary 2017 Natural Flame Maple Top. Ajudam-nos a mostrar-lhe propostas de interesse, guardam as suas definições para facilitar a … 1 available for $189. € 1.025. Read user reviews for Reverend Double Agent OG Electric Guitar and see over 325,000 product reviews at 57. Quick Shipper. Informações sobre o envio. Disponibilidade imediata. The date is listed below but may be brought forward if all entries sell out early. Reverend Double Agent III Black. Well, I finally got my big boy guitar. $700 + $50 … Its in great shape and it sounds and plays well too.The body is in near mint condition with only the smallest signs of use. 2 user reviews. Rossville, IN, United States. The onboard bass contour control allows you to dial out the lower frequencies which really transforms the sound of the instrument. Ibanez YY10-SGS. The draw will be done LIVE on our Facebook page, using Googles random number generator. Disponibilidade imediata. The Reverand Double Agent's styling screams "vintage" but with a modern twist. 7. € 1.111. … Quick Shipper. Reverend Guitars Double Agent with Bogner Helios 50 - YouTube The Double Agent OG (Original Guitar) is back! This competition has a maximum of 455 entries. 🔥ROASTED MAPLE NECK🔥 3 Prizes | 1st Reverend Double Agent | 2nd - £10 Website Credit | 3rd - £10 Website Credit We love a Reverend here at Guitar Gear Giveaway! I've been looking at Reverend guitars for months but haven't yet taken the plunge. The body style is tame for a Reverend and a little reminiscent of the T-style guitars we grew up loving, … Excellent. Reverend Large Teardrop Hardshell Guitar case. Quick Responder. 0. Very Cool Reverend Double Agent OG. Reverend Double Agent W 20 th Anniversary. 1 available from $813.65. Reverend Kingbolt RA Turquoise. 17. Electric Guitar Body: Korina. Office 4 219 Kensington High Street, Kensington, London, England, W8 6BD. The solid Korina body is light weight and resonant, while the Midnight Black finish really makes it look a million dollars. If they had Double Agent with a … Rossville, IN, United States. Korina body, Roasted Maple neck, Pau Ferro fingerboard, Alnico Humbucker/P90 pickups, locking tuners, Boneite nut, Upgraded electronics £729.00. Get a low price and free shipping on thousands of items. Sold out. Reverend Double Agent OG. The draw date is 30/11/2020 6:00 pm unless all entries are sold beforehand, in which case we may bring the draw date forward. € 1.111. We will NEVER extend the closing date of a competition, regardless of how many entries are sold. € 1.135. 10521 . Regular readers won't have missed our growing enthusiasm for the products of US guitar maker Reverend. Billed as “six strings & an attitude,” Reverend Guitars posses a style all their own, and that’s how they play–the Revered way: with attitude, individuality, and a no-nonsense approach to quality construction. € 829. Reverend Descent RA Baritone with Roasted Maple Neck Midnight Black. By entering you have confirmed that you have read and agreed to our terms and conditions. Quick View. Every one we've tried has impressed us and they seem to offer that breath of fresh air for which we think guitarists are yearning. 6. 13. It’s a simple electric guitar with a fantastic pickup combination. Reverend Double Agent III Black. All ticket numbers are allocated at random and a full entry list will be published before the live draw. Para o … Framus D-Series Idolmaker NBTS. Reverend Greg Koch Gristlemaster PY. The Reverend Guitars Double Agent OG is one of those guitars that can rock and roll in the church by forcing the audience to concentrate on their prayer. Have you ever wanted the power and girth of a bridge humbucker, and the sweet/bluesy tone of a neck P-90 in one axe? Reverend Warhawk 390 Korina Burst. Left-Handed. Quick View. Fender LTD Trad. Framus D-Series Idolmaker BBTHP. It is common for our competitions to sell out quickly and for the draws to be brought forward, you can always check back to see if the draw date has been moved forward. € 835. € 929. Sold out. DOUBLE AGENT. Avg used price: $600. The color on this guitar is very cool and was an exclusive run for Riff City (prior to its closing) and Andertons. Then this is your guitar. 4. Fender Squier Paranormal Cyclone DBL. 1 . the sssnake IPP1030. Get an inside look of this killer axe and get a sneak peek at the entire Reverend lineup available here at the Exchange.Gear played:Reverend Double Agent III ( Charlie Brown JTM45 Channel Drive ( Cathedral Stereo Reverb ( King Falcon 12W 1x10 Combo Amp ( played:Rush \"Red Sector A\"Rush \"Jacobs Ladder'The Walkmen \"138th Street\"#ChicagoMusicExchange#CMEGearDemo

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